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S-Compact Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Since the introduction of mandatory labelling on packaging, hot stamping systems have been a proven solution. The S-Compact systems are mature, reliable and robust, which they prove every day, even at the highest clock rates.

They are particularly suitable for marking tasks where the print is rarely changed over. To this day, hot stampers are the ideal solution for applying a date. The result is printed images of the highest quality at low cost.

Allen Coding hot foil stamping machine in action
Close-up of hot stamp coding on product packaging

Hot Stamper

S-Compact. Hot Foil Stamping Machine.
Reliable & Robust.

Here's why it's considered a classic.


The hot stamper is extremely robust and can almost always be repaired economically as well as the provision of refurbishing from i-mark, allows for decades of trouble free printing.

High speed

Hot stamping printers deliver consistent print quality at very high speeds (up to 800 prints/minute)

No Software Required

This may be a positive in your circumstance, however, it will not be a viable option for industry 4.0 scenarios.

Easier Maintenance

Hot stampers consist mainly of mechanical components, making service and maintenance uncomplicated

Durable hot stamping equipment by Allen Coding

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Marking and coding

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Automated & semi-auto marking and coding machinery, end-to-end production lines that work with your packaging machinery.

coding on product packaging

All the techie bits.

By making contact with us, one of our team members will be able to give you advice on your marking and coding problems.

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Three steps to get the correct marking and coding solution for your business.

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The i-mark advantage.

We really do mean it when we say maximising uptime, increasing efficiency, whist minimising costs.

Maximising uptime

German design and engineering
German engineering has for decades been the epitome of robustness, reliability and hi performance. Our systems in being of German manufacture are no different. This allows for a significant reduction in total cost of ownership due to extended equipment life. We have a customer base who commonly have machines over
 15 years old in active use.

Increasing efficiencies

Minimising costs through message management 
Incorrect coding on products leads to errors, whether it be, rework or costly penalties imposed by your customers. At i-mark we focus on holistic solutions that consider the technical capabilities of the coder, BUT also focus on understanding the information flow from planning to production. We then incorporate localised or centralised digitised solutions, thus
eradicating human errors.  

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Our UK based distribution centre, based in the Midlands, providing next day delivery of your consumables and equipment.

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Our team possesses more experience solving problems in this field than any other. Nationwide network of qualified service technicians. Fully backed by a technical help desk, local field service and dedicated customer service account team. Nothing gets missed.

hot foil stamping machine
stamping machine in action
Coding hot foil stamping