Thermal Transfer Printers

NGT Series Large Character up to An Incredible 213mm height 1m Length

The undisputed 'Daddy' in the Thermal Transfer printer world. Nothing comes close to having a print area of this size. With the widest range of print head sizes from 53 mm to 213 mm (2'' to 8''), there are no limits to your application. 

The data can be loaded via various interfaces. When marking packaging foils and labels, the area of application ranges from the expiry date to the complete marking of the packaging.

Applications up to serialisation ,with individual data for each print, are possible with the highest clock performance.

Thermal Transfer Printers

The German Family 
The NGT Series.

The NGT printing system combined with the TouchPro control panel allows you to connect different printing systems and functionalities together. Operating your printing system via the TouchPro control, can provide a solution for your application, whether with our standard operating software or a user interface adapted to your needs. In this way, different printing systems and functionalities can be connected. The connection to a database or various interfaces can also be implemented

Why the NGT Series?

The NGT Series is recognised as the premium range of thermal transfer printers on the market.
Premium because it is the most technically advanced and flexible to meet the most demanding of printing needs.

Print Area Best In Class Largest In The Market

Boasting Four Print Width Models Starting At 53mm Rising To An Industry Breaking 213mm And A Print Length Of An Incredible One Metre. This Allows Either A Multitude Of Information Or Large Easy To Read Codes From A Distance

In Germany

In Being Extensively Used In Heavy Industrial Environments And Technically Compliant Industries Such As Pharmaceutical The NGT's Are Recognised As The Premium And Most Robust Printer Available

Best Temperature Management

Thermal Transfer Printer Boards Are Commonly Air Cooled. The NGT Breaks Convention And Has Not One But Two Fans To Ensure The Board Operates At the Optimum To Preserve It's Life , Ensure Optimum Print Quality And Preserve Energy

Extended Printhead

Intelligent Printhead Is Designed To Only Heat The Pins That Are Required To Lay Down The Message, Thus Saving Energy and Prolonging The Printhead Life As Lower Wear Is Achieved.

Best Available

Print Quality

With All The Technical Advancements Engineered Into The NGT Range Ensures The Best And Most Consistent Print Quality Available. Therefore Uptime Is Maximised And Production Output Isn't Compromised.

Serialisation With The
Best Clock Performance

The NGT Is Perfectly Placed To Meet The Demands Of Providing A Unique Identity For Each Individual Product Coded With The Fastest Retrieval Of Individual Code From A Centralised Database.

Flexible Pressure
Angled Printhead

Specifically Designed Air Pressure Cyclinder Ensuring Correct And Evenly Distributed Pressure Is Applied To The Ribbon Ensuring Consistently High Print Quality Time After Time

Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet UX2

Thermal Transfer Printers

Seeing is believing. 

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Largest Print Image On The Market.

Sometimes a lot of information needs to be printed on a label for example: ingredients and hazard warnings in several different languages.

Our NGT series has the largest print image of all thermal transfer printers on the market with an area of up to 213 x 1000 mm. We told you we were pretty good.

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Pharmaceutical Labels Can Be Printed With Thermal Transfer Systems

In the pharmaceutical industry, the smallest labels have to be printed with a great deal of information. This includes text and variable data as well as QR codes.

The printers of the NGT series have been developed for the best print results and razor-sharp print images. They master this task permanently and reliably.

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Thermal Transfer Printing On Tubular Bags... No Problem.

Thermal transfer printers are often used to mark plastic films for tubular bag packaging. With your large and high-resolution print image, a lot of information can be applied in the highest quality in the market.

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What's the difference between all the NGT's?

NGT 2+



Printing surface


Clocked print speed

50 - 600mm/sec

Clock rate at 5mm print image height

650 rpm

Print surface continuous

53 x 1000mm

Print speed continuously

3 - 35m/min

Print resolution


NGT 4+



Printing surface


Clocked print speed

50 - 500mm/sec

Clock rate at 5mm print image height

550 rpm

Print surface continuous

107 x 1000mm

Print speed continuously

3 - 29m/min

Print resolution


NGT 6 / 6E



Printing surface


Clocked print speed

50 - 300mm/sec

Clock rate at 5mm print image height

320 rpm

Print surface continuous


Print speed continuously

3 - 29m/min

Print resolution


NGT 8 / 8E



Printing surface


Clocked print speed

50 - 250mm/sec

Clock rate at 5mm print image height

300 rpm

Print surface continuous

213 x 1000mm

Print speed continuously

3 - 14 m/min

Print resolution


Other Thermal Transfer Printers

XL5000 Thermal Transfer Printer

Our entry level thermal transfer printer the XL5000 allows you to label products flexibly. It easily copes with regular changes in the labelling and the rapid changeover in production. One of its strengths is the large ink ribbon capacity, which means very little downtime. With its attractive price, the XL5000 offers coding and marking for a small budget.

Marking and coding

with real ROI.

Automated & semi-auto marking and coding machinery, end-to-end production lines that work with your packaging machinery.

All the techie bits.

All the technical specifications you may need. If you don't see what you're looking for below please message us.You will find all relevant documents on the Diagraph NGT Series right here.

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German design and engineering
German engineering has for decades been the epitome of robustness, reliability and hi performance. Our systems in being of German manufacture are no different. This allows for a significant reduction in total cost of ownership due to extended equipment life. We have a customer base who commonly have machines over 15 years old in active use.

Increasing efficiencies

Minimising costs through message management 
Incorrect coding on products leads to errors, whether it be, rework or costly penalties imposed by your customers. At i-mark we focus on holistic solutions that consider the technical capabilities of the coder, BUT also focus on understanding the information flow from planning to production. We then incorporate localised or centralised digitised solutions, thus eradicating human errors.  

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