Marking & Coding Solutions For Building Materials

With near-constant run times, dusty environments and temperature extremes, you need a coding solution that works as hard as you do. Achieving consistent code quality over the lifetime of your printer is not only possible, but with robust solutions from i-mark, you can minimise your maintenance too.

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Coding machinery in building materials facility

Building Materials

Marking & Coding Solutions For Your
Building Materials

Inkjet coder marking construction materials

3x Greater Uptime

Coder downtime is the biggest expense when marking and coding building materials. i-mark has extensive application expertise and a range of solutions to address this challenge to help maximise productivity and decrease downtime.

Increase Print Quality

Due to the inconsistency of building materials many of our competitors will also mark and code your products inconsistently. i-mark's vast experience ensures that each and every product that goes through your productions conveyor is marked and coded the same.

Increase Safety

Due to nasty and harsh environments of manufacturing building materials many machines out there just don't hold up. But of course, our marking and coding solutions can. Everytime.

Building Materials Marking & Coding

So whats the right solution for your Building Materials?

Marking For Building Materials


With the differing packing sizes of bagged powdered materials, there can be confusing product placements on your production line. Correctly specified and set up, you can code your products flawlessly and repeatedly

Cabling & Piping

Marking on extruded wire and cable requires superior print quality, a wide variety of fonts and graphics, along with excellent resolution, contrast and clarity is required. i-mark can provide solutions that provide a multitude of coloured printed code to stand out with varying cable sheathing colours.


It's a big misconception within the industry that to mark wood we must use a burning stamp. However, this is simply not true. Here at i-mark we offer a solution that allows us to mark and code wood in a safe, but also in a more cost effective manner. Using our Large Character Inkjet we can:

- Reduce overall production costs

- Increase print quality consistency

- Lower insurance costs due to increased safety of operations.

Robust coding equipment in materials environment
Innovative marking solutions for building industry
Durable coding machines for materials production
Read How i-mark creates Paletten Service 
a 50% cost saving.

the perfect cloud based message management solution.

Printing technology on construction materials

NiceLabel Cloud

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud is the ideal message creation solution for businesses. You can be up and running in minutes whilst having everything you need to manage your entire message creation process, from message design and template management to printing. You can integrate Loftware with your key business systems to create a more efficient process. You can start small or local, and then easily expand the system to multiple locations. You also benefit from one of the most secure Cloud platforms available on the market in Microsoft Azure.

Honestly it couldn't be any simpler than this.

Anytime access to message creation

Loftware NiceLabel gives you a flexible message creation process that can adapt to changing market demands. Make your message creation process device and location independent, accommodate remote workers and extend message creation to new partners and suppliers.

Free up your valuable IT resources

With NiceLabel, business users can design and maintain message templates with ease. Furthermore, with NiceLabel Cloud, there’s no IT infrastructure to purchase or maintain.  You can be up and running in minutes and the software is updated automatically.

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coding solutions for your business?

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We really do mean it when we say maximising uptime, increasing efficiency, while minimising costs.

Maximising uptime

German design and engineering
German engineering has for decades been the epitome of robustness, reliability and hi performance. Our systems in being of German manufacture are no different. This allows for a significant reduction in total cost of ownership due to extended equipment life. We have a customer base who commonly have machines over
 15 years old in active use.

Increasing efficiencies

Minimising costs through message management 
Incorrect coding on products leads to errors, whether it be, rework or costly penalties imposed by your customers. At i-mark we focus on holistic solutions that consider the technical capabilities of the coder, BUT also focus on understanding the information flow from planning to production. We then incorporate localised or centralised digitised solutions, thus
eradicating human errors.  

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Our UK based distribution centre, based in the Midlands, providing next day delivery of your consumables and equipment.

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Nationwide network of qualified service technicians. Fully backed by technical help desk, local field service and dedicated customer service account team.

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Our team possesses more experience solving problems in this field than any other. Nationwide network of qualified service technicians. Fully backed by a technical help desk, local field service and dedicated customer service account team. Nothing gets missed.

Superior print quality on building materials
Heavy-duty systems for materials production
Versatile machines for construction materials

Marking and coding

with real ROI.

Automated & semi-auto marking and coding machinery, end-to-end production lines that work with your packaging machinery.

Consistent codes under harsh conditions