Close-up of high-quality inkjet marking on wooden pallet

Cost saving of more than 50% since Diagraph Large Character Inkjet Printer (LCIJ) introduced.

Introducing the LCIJ led to:                                                       
•Lower insurance costs                                                                
•Consistent High-Quality Printing                                              
•Highly increased flexibility for increased production            
•Overall lower costs of production    :                                                    


cost reduction due to consistent printing method.

Decrease In Insurance costs due to increased safety.

Diagraph inkjet printer in action at Palletten Service facility


United Kingdom




Diagraph Large Character Printer

The Story

Palletten Service has been running since 1972 and is a leading pallet repair, trader and logistics company with sales of over £100 million. I-mark (as Allen Coding) was certified the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) for pallet marking with the Diagraph IJ4000 large character printer. This provided Palletten Service with the opportunity to cease using the outdated, unsafe and slow burn stamp system. The Diagraph IJ4000 is a premium printer which is low maintenance, durable and provides consistently excellent print quality. This all allows for the "Raising of the labelling of EPAL pallets to a modern level" – said - Ingo Mönke and of course, not withstanding, realising cost savings of over 50%.

Throughout Europe Palletten Service produce and store large containers delivering more than 10 million pallets per annum focusing on delivering products individually suited to customer requirements. This ties in with i-mark’s customer centred approach in that we deliver solutions suited to the customer, not forcing customers to fit pre-made solutions. They aim to go beyond being the best pallet supplier and be pioneers in supply chain management fitting the ethos of i-mark. With over 50 years of experience, they are a trusted recognised name within the pallet industry. Therefore, they required premium technology to meet their expanding aims of delivering over 10 million pallets on time to customers every year.

Challenge Palletten Service faced before using the IJ4000

Before using the IJ4000, Palletten Service were reliant on the burn stamp system. This outdated method of marking pallets (still widely used) was misaligned with Palletten Service’s mission to be a pioneer within the industry. This is due to the fact this method does not allow flexibility of marking and because it is a burn system the insurance costs for Palletten Service (and thus the cost of marking overall) was extortionate.

Why Palletten Service chose the IJ4000

Compared to the burn system the IJ4000 has a print height of 100m and can drive up to 4 printheads on two separate production lines providing the flexibility which was lacking in the burn system. Furthermore, the IJ4000 provides a reliable high-quality print which is especially important to Palletten Service when there are more than 100000 pallets a month in European plants. As commented by Ingo Mönke these features were important to the sales and production manager. This showcases how the IJ4000 has positively impacted across Palletten Service’s operation.

The Outcome

Palleten Service utilised two printheads on its production line, Setting the system up for optimal print quality, positioning and repeatability. This consistent method of printing has led to a cost saving of more than 50%. Overall, since the introduction of the IJ4000 Palletten Service has experienced:

  • Lower insurance costs as they are no longer using the unsafe burn system
  • Consistent High-Quality Printing on the Pallets leading to greatly increased customer satisfaction.
  • Highly increased flexibility for increased production due to the printhead set up of the IJ4000
  • Overall lower production costs

"The IJ4000 convinced me with its advantages over burning stamps’’- Ingo Mönke

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