Increase Cosmetic Production Line efficiency By Up To 50%.

In a sector where the quantity of solutions is broad, and where bags, boxes, and different packaging materials and substances vary from product to product, possessing the capacity to keep up with constant change is crucial. Even more essential is having the ability to do this while maintaining and enhancing efficiency and protecting your brand name or that of your customer.

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Marking & Coding Solutions For Your
Cosmetics Company


Your products will be protected against counterfeiting by either visible codes or ones not visible to the naked eye and all can be traced back seamlessly

Minimal Rejects

Because of the high print quality - even at high line speeds - there are fewer to no rejects.

Meet Legals

All our printers for cosmetics ensure you meet legal requirements for product coding.

Cosmetics Marking & Coding

So whats the right solution for your cosmetics company?

Marking For Cosmetics

Cosmetics, personal hygiene, and home product manufacturers have the widest selection of packaging materials, colours, and formats for consumer goods than virtually any other industry. The consistent drive to develop new products via a fast-paced industry, along with the need for brand identification, drives the vast majority of cosmetics distributors to manage numerous products.

Bottles & Jars

Over 80% of cosmetics are within bottles and jars. Luckily, with us, you can code directly on to them.

Folding Cartons

Customising your packing with names, ingredients, bar codes and icons.  The high contrast look can be achieved.

Metal Containers

Metal containers can come in various shapes, sizes and styles, which means coding can be challenging. 

Flexible Materials

Flexible pouches, sleeves and bags can all be cost effective packaging options for cosmetics. 

Cosmetic Tubes

The use of tubes in the cosmetics and personal care products is becoming increasingly popular as they offer suppliers, brands and consumer alike, one of the most convenient and cost-effective packaging solutions. The best solutions are our Continuous inkjets (CIJ), Laser Marking Systems & Thermal Inkjet (TIJ)

Speciality Containers

Many cosmetics including lip care, skin and deodrants come in a variety of unique containers. So ensure that your marking and coding solution doesn't ruin your amazing packaging ideas.
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the perfect cloud based message management solution.

NiceLabel Cloud

Loftware NiceLabel Cloud is the ideal message creation solution for businesses. You can be up and running in minutes whilst having everything you need to manage your entire message creation process, from message design and template management to printing. You can integrate Loftware with your key business systems to create a more efficient process. You can start small or local, and then easily expand the system to multiple locations. You also benefit from one of the most secure Cloud platforms available on the market in Microsoft Azure.

Honestly it couldn't be any simpler than this.

Anytime access to message creation

Loftware NiceLabel gives you a flexible message creation process that can adapt to changing market demands. Make your message creation process device and location independent, accommodate remote workers and extend message creation to new partners and suppliers.

Free up your valuable IT resources

With NiceLabel, business users can design and maintain message templates with ease. Furthermore, with NiceLabel Cloud, there’s no IT infrastructure to purchase or maintain.  You can be up and running in minutes and the software is updated automatically.

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coding solutions for your business?

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Three steps to get the correct marking and coding solution for your business.

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The i-mark advantage.

We really do mean it when we say maximising uptime, increasing efficiency, while minimising costs.

Maximising uptime

German design and engineering
German engineering has for decades been the epitome of robustness, reliability and hi performance. Our systems in being of German manufacture are no different. This allows for a significant reduction in total cost of ownership due to extended equipment life. We have a customer base who commonly have machines over
 15 years old in active use.

Increasing efficiencies

Minimising costs through message management 
Incorrect coding on products leads to errors, whether it be, rework or costly penalties imposed by your customers. At i-mark we focus on holistic solutions that consider the technical capabilities of the coder, BUT also focus on understanding the information flow from planning to production. We then incorporate localised or centralised digitised solutions, thus
eradicating human errors.  

Easy to do business with

Next day delivery
Our UK based distribution centre, based in the Midlands, providing next day delivery of your consumables and equipment.

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Same day service response
Nationwide network of qualified service technicians. Fully backed by technical help desk, local field service and dedicated customer service account team.

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Our team possesses more experience solving problems in this field than any other. Nationwide network of qualified service technicians. Fully backed by a technical help desk, local field service and dedicated customer service account team. Nothing gets missed.

Marking and coding

with real ROI.

Automated & Semi-auto marking and Coding machinery,
end-to-end production lines
That works with your packaging machinery.