Label Applicators and print on Demand Systems From Diagraph

Diagraph's Label applicators and Print on Demand scalable label printing dispenser systems can apply pre printed labels or print on demand and apply in one operation to your product. Thanks to a wide range of different applicators, it is possible to attach labels to one side or two sides. Or even across the corner of the box or product that the label is being applied to. The labellers are controlled entirely with electric servo motors, which enables reliable and extremely precise labelling. All settings are made via the integrated touch control panel or from the cloud through Nice Label.

On Demand Labeller

Diagraph Label Applicator.
Applied Reliably At All Angles.

Why Diagraph Label Applicator?

Diagraph Labellers are extremely flexible in their use making them an ideal choice to start small and grow big. Starting as a pre printed label applicator and moving to a full system print on demand and apply labeller, with the additional ability to alter the dispensing method.

Fully Electric

All Diagraph labellers work without using compressed air.  All movements are driven by high precision servo motors. This means that both installation costs and ongoing running costs are dramatically reduced. By removing compressed air it enables high speed label application.

Precision Label Application

Even at high speed, twelve sensors constantly monitor the dispensing and application operation. this ensures that labels are consistently and precisely applied in the designated location on the product.

Various Label Sizes

The label dispenser and applicator is future proofed for variations in label size requirements by having the ability to change the dispenser and applicator. This means that for future label size changes, existing equipment can be modified at low cost.

High Clock Rates

To meet the increasingly stringent compliancy demands and production output, the Diagraph labellers are perfectly placed to meet the demands of providing a unique identity for each individual product coded with the fastest retrieval of individual code from a centralised database.

Choice of Print Engines

All Diagraph labellers can have fully incorporated Sato or Zebra print engines. This enables operative familiarity with the two largest manufacturers of desktop labellers. This reduces training time and initial errors that may occur with having to learn new message software.

Labour Saving Labelling

With the Diagraph labelling range, being able to dispense pre-printed labels or print and apply on demand, negates the use of pre-printing on a desktop labeller and applying by hand to the product.  Therefore significant labour savings are realised.

Ideal For Soft Products

In the case of especially delicate or fragile objects, the BLOW
dispensing system is the right choice. This is a TAMP system with
which the labels are not pressed onto the product but are blown onto
it from a short distance in a touch-less application.

Hitachi Continuous Ink Jet UX2

Every arm for every on demand labelling application.

Have an uneven object? - HST application is for you.

The moveable HST pad allows labels to be applied to uneven surfaces. The labels are pressed with one side of the pad by a roller and applied to the product moving past. Only the roller is in contact with the product, the sloping position of the pad allows unevenness to be levelled out.

Need something a little more gentle? Use Non-Contact - BLOW.

The BLOW dispensing system is recommended for particularly pressure-sensitive objectsThis is a TAMP system with the special feature that the labels are not pressed on, but blown onto the product from a short distance with a blast of air.

Linear donation - TAMP

The TAMP is the standard dispensing arm and is frequently used. It can be used to apply labels to one side of a product. This can be the top, bottom or side face.

With the help of the integrated sensors, the TAMP can recognise the product surface and automatically react to products of different sizes. This increases flexibility and reliability and reduces complexity.

The dispensing arm is driven by a servo motor. This enables high speeds, precise and repeatable positioning and easy adjustment via the integrated touch control panel.

Two Sides - FASA

A label can be applied to any side of a product with this peel-off arm, which applies labels with a pivoting movement.

In addition, two labels can be applied to two different sides of a product. This can be done, for example, on the front and top, but other combinations are also possible.

WASA applicator for corners.

The label is applied by a purely mechanical applicator. The WASA arm is positioned on the conveyor belt in such a way that passing products are driven against it. The label is applied to the product across the corner by means of an adjustable pressure force.

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