Take advantage of our cleaner machines. For Sustainable Printing.

Our Vision
Delivering the best customer excellence that can be achieved across all industries. Working collaboratively with our customers to develop the best solutions that enable them to achieve their business objectives.

Our Mission
I-mark’s mission is to help companies realise cost effective efficiency and labour savings by using advanced technologies to put flexibility back into the hands of manufacturing and logistics businesses. All while delivering an exceptional customer service experience.

Our Values
Customer Centric -Putting the customer experience at the heart of our customer journey system development with the bespoke i-mark management system.

Constructive Environment-Encouraging a dynamic work environment where everybody has a voice and a constructive opinion of the direction of the company, their and their colleagues’ views of that direction and how we’re going to get there

Continuous Improvement – Striving to develop the systems and procedures of not only ourselves but those of our customers by working together to create solutions.

Sustainable Printing thats Environmentally Friendly.

Our UK locations are defined by their functionality and their subsequent geographic location to reduce unnecessary travel that contributes to CO2 emissions. For example, administrative functions are town centre based to capitalise on public transport routes and residential locations. This means 80% of our staff now no longer need to use personal vehicles and indeed the vast majority walk. Not only great for the environment but also health and wellbeing.
Our warehousing and distribution is centrally located in the logistics heartland: Northamptonshire.  


We continue to where practically possible, convert the fleet of vehicles to electric which currently is at 50%.

Supply Chain:
We strive to manufacture as much as possible from within the UK. 

We strive to procure as much as possible from within the UK.

We only work with organisations who have an active policy of contributing to reducing their harmful effects on the environment. One such example is Hitachi they're a leader in providing sustainable ink.

MEK inks are the thing of the past.

The current inks used in the identification industry are mainly MEK inks. This is used for almost all products that you encounter every day.  However, these inks are harmful to humans, animals and the environment. 

However, MEK is a powerful and volatile solvent, which means it evaporates very quickly – thus providing the fast-drying properties required for industrial inkjet printing. As a solvent, it can carry dyes in solution (or pigments in suspension) – leaving the colour in the mark on the product when it evaporates. Water-based ink simply isn't effective on many materials, which is why 700 million litres of MEK are produced each year – much of which is used to make ink.

Your production
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End to end coding and handling solutions from primary packaging through to logistics despatch, supported by 7 years warranty with same day service response and same day consumable despatch.